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Monday, April 5, 2010

I can across this article and thought that is was a realistic approach to that popular "Quit your Day Job" from Etsy.

Can Your Craft Business Support a Family- PART 1

Can Your Craft Business Support a Family- PART 2

I thought that is offered some "realistic" advise for crafters who dream about "Quitting Your Day Job" and surviving on your art. One of the biggest gripes that I and many others have with Etsy's ongoing "Quit Your Day Job" series is lack of real information.
Alot of times, the same questions are asked and there is little to no in depth content. Most of the time they don't tell you that the person comes from a two income household or how long it took to become self supporting. Or more importantly the struggle and "realistic" goals and expectations one has to have in order to be successful. Instead, many times the article is a "glossed" over representation of what is needed to actually quit your day job.
Now with that being said, let me just say that the articles are still good to read as you find others who have started out just like you and are making it now. So from an inspiration standpoint, its good reading, it just needs to be supplemented with articles such as the one above.
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Written by Lovely

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  1. some great info in that article, thanks for sharing!

  2. It always aggravates me to start reading "quit you day job" only to find out the featured "crafter" has a degree in design or archetecture or fabrics and materials. I am a podunk receptionist who loves to crochet and dreams of being able to 'retire' and craft. These article you referred to are great and going in my business file as a reference. Thanks for letting me vent.~Vera