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Wednesday, July 23, 2014


Gramkin Paper Studio is taking a break!

We will be taking a much needed vacay!
We are also in the process of finalizing some changes that have been in the works for awhile that we are very excited about.When we return on August 1st, you will see brand new focus and brand new posts!
In the interim, don't forget to take a look at our past posts.


Friday, July 11, 2014

Kool-Aid Meringues

I came across this recipe for Kool-Aid Meringues via Smart School House when ironically, I was looking for Macroons. I love a meringue and this pretty pastel one is no exception.


  • 4 egg whites
  • 1/2 tsp of Cream of Tartar
  • 1 cup of sugar
  • Kool-Aid packets in your flavors of choice


  • Using an electric mixer, whip the egg whites until they become frothy then add your sugar in small amounts. Finally, mix in the cream of tartar. Continue to whip the mixture until it gets stiff (meaning that it holds a shape when stopped).
    Depending on how many Kool-Aid flavors you wish to use, separate your mixture into even parts using small bowls . Add the Kool-Aid powder 1/2 tsp at a time until the desired color is reached.
    Because the Kool-Aid powder is potent, so a little goes a long way!
    Prepare your baking sheet with a layer of foil covered with non-stick spray
    Create an easy meringue cookie shape using either, Wilton’s Cake Decorating set, ziplock baggies, or using rounded spoonfuls.
    Place the Kool Aid Meringues into the oven pre-heated to 225 degrees. Bake them at this low temperature for about 45 minutes or until the tops become a little brown. Once they are completely cooled, they will harden and be ready to east.
    Some will be sour, some will be sweet.
    Full recipe and photos via Smart School House


    Saturday, June 28, 2014


    The Deli Garage's Cheese Pencils are shaped like over-sized pencils but the “lead”is replaced with different flavors ( truffles, pesto and chili) . Designed by Korefe, these pencils also include a built-in grating function as well as a scale that lists how many calories the portion contains.

    These pencils are not the only item they offer. The Deli Garage specializes in hand-made delicatessen food labels in lovingly designed packaging.


    Saturday, June 21, 2014

    SNAPASHOT: PhotoNotions Photography

    The Harlem Renaissance was an amazing era in history that is a continued source of inspiration for not only music, but for  fashion and style.

    PhotoNotions Photography took this inspiration to style this beautiful shoot and they did not disappoint. The full 95 shot gallery is here.


    Saturday, June 7, 2014

    Download Day: Free Photoshop Actions

    How many of you use Photoshop? If so, then you have to be familiar with Photoshop Actions!
    Photoshop Actions take your photographs to the next level, whether its adding a lighting effect to touching up a portrait......basically its like putting an filter on your instagram photo, lol

    What are Photoshop Actions? Simply put, a Photoshop Action  is a file(.atn) that contains a sequence of steps (or actions) that can be applied all at once to a picture you are working on with the simple click of one button.

    There are several popular companies that offer Photoshop Action bundles for a variety of effects like Florabella or Summerana, but if you are not a photographer or are  more "recreational" users, you many not be able to "invest" in these actions bundles.

    The following are a few free Photoshop Actions ( some from the two companies above) that you can create a variety of effects from.  Though most of these actions show portraits/landscapes, these are also great for product photography as well. The photoshop actions numbered 2, 5, and 13 are great for those product photos that you need to lighten with the click of a button.

    Also, at the end of the post there good video on how to install and use the actions for Photoshop. Please note that some actions may require an earlier version of Photoshop, but most are compatible with cs2and higher.

    You can download all of these Photoshop Actions below at one time HERE.

    1. via

    2. via

    3. via
    4. via

    5. via

    6. via

    7. via


    9. via 
    10. via

    11. via

    12. via ( 32 different ones)

    13. via

    14. via

    Installing Actions                                                                                                       
    There are a few ways to install your actions.  The following is one of the easiest ways to install them.
    1. After you've downloaded the zip file containing your actions, you'll need to unpack the contents of the file ( for most people who do not have an program that they use for this like winrar or etc, you can just right click the file and select "send to" to save to your computer).  Once the file has been extracted, you should  reveal a new folder containing the .ATN file for your new actions.
    2. You can either drag this file directly into your Photoshop window, or you can use the action panel drop down in Photoshop to select your .ATN file and load your actions
    3. Once loaded....Viola! its ready to use.
    Using Actions                                                                                                               
    1. Select the layer you want to apply the action to.
    2. Select the action you want to use from your action panel.
    3. Hit the "play" button down at the bottom of the panel.
    4. You will see Photoshop "go thru" the sequence ( it will look like a rapidly playing movie) and at the end the filter will be applied to the picture.

    The following is a very informative, short video on how to install and use the actions via Photoshop Video Academy.


    Sunday, June 1, 2014


    Though this card is a departure for the Gramkin Paper Studio offerings, it is so darn cute!

    By using different pattern papers for the shirt and the tie, you can create endless design options as well. Good ole Martha ....what can you say, that's why she's a domestic goddess....


    Saturday, March 15, 2014

    Neat Things: Stamp Yo Face

    Have you ever wanted to immortalize your face on a stamp? Try Stamp Yo Face from the talented team of Hannah (the artist) and Kevin (the muscle).

    Each stamp design is hand-drawn and digitized from a photo that you send in once you purchase the stamp (at $65). In addition, they are are also sending you an original hand-drawn portrait  as well as a black ink pad with your purchase.

    You might be thinking where you can use a stamp of your face, but there are a few places.
    I like the idea of adding it to the reciept ( like in the pic below) for your customers or you can put it on a blank business card and write your info in ( or type it in and just stamp as needed).



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