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Sunday, May 15, 2011

This great little Clementine Candle tutorial , from Apartment Therapy, is a great way to easily make a candle, without all the mess.

•1 clementine
• olive oil
• 1 sharp paring knife
• many matches

Slide Show Tutorial From Apartment Theraphy

NOTE: The tough part is getting the "wick" to light. You really need a nice bit of clementine "flesh" sticking up in the middle, which you then soak for a minute in the olive oil. If your clementine doesn't have any flesh in the middle OR if you rip it, you'll need to start with another one.

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  1. Is there some reason why it has to be a clementine orange? I just tried it with a naval orange, but the wick won't light.

    1. if you let the orange dry out over night it will light

  2. I don't know for sure why it has to be a clementine.
    It could be that clementines are high in phosphorus, which as we all know is a good fire starter for anything. So maybe that is why....but that is a good question :)

  3. Clementines are notoriously easy to peel so maybe they are recommended because you will be more likely to get a decent, intact "wick". Every time I dig into one, that section comes out almost completely whole. Maybe.

  4. That is soo pretty and awesome :)

  5. cool idea it thanks :)

  6. Hmmmm, well maybe you can just insert a bit of a wick if you don't have the flesh for the wick?

  7. omg that total like fab ttyl

  8. I'm so trying this. I don't think it would smell the same using a regular wick, but I bet it would still smell a little and it looks pretty!

  9. This will be beautiful for thanksgivin. Put them on a tray in the center of the table...Thanks its beautiuful

  10. Can you use a regular orange? can you make a video with a regular orange candle?

  11. Hi how long does it last lit?