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Sunday, January 4, 2015

Well this is the end for the blog....but, damn sure not the business!

We remember when we first started blogging, wondering if anyone cared or wanted to hear what we had to say.
Then the first time one of our followers came up to us when we were whoring out  products at a show made us smile. When we asked how they found us and they said "I read your blog" , they didn't know at the time , but once they left, a fevered round of high fives started, lol will we get info to our customers? INSTAGRAM! and of course Facebook as well. This will also allow us to get information out there in real time. We will still have our freebies, downloads, giveaways and other  "OMG" inappropriateness via our social media.

Now there may be a time when we bring our blog back, but for now it's not goodbye, but see ya on the social-sphere!

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