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Thursday, July 8, 2010

If you are always trying to take your business to the next level customizing your paypal account for your customer is one of them .There are several ways to make the paypal account that you use for your business more professional by incorporating your logo and other company branding.
When you log into your paypal account, just click on "Merchant Service" for a list of neat little things you can do with your paypal account.(Please note that this "merchant service" tab may only be available for business accounts and not for personal)

This option puts your shop logo or other branding image on the payment page that your customers see when they checkout and pay for item. Normally you see plain text of your shop name spelled out. By using these simple option your logo/image will replace this (you can also preview image on payment page like a customer before you "save")


  • Click Profile

  • Click "more options" in the drop down menu

  • Under Selling Preferences, click "Custom Payment Pages"

  • Click ADD and then fill in the blanks to create your custom page

This option puts a button for the buyer to purchase a company gift certificate ( see our button in the right side bar) . You have the option of making your own company button for paypal or you can use the standard paypal button with the "Gift Certificate" text on it.


Once you log into your account, go to "Merchant Service" tab at top of page to get to the Gift Certificate page of your PayPal account. (or go My Account > Profile > Redeem Gift Certificates and Points if not able to link directly)

Click Create a gift certificate now and fill out the Gift Certificate form making sure to put your Etsy store’s url for Shopping URL. Be sure to check out all of your options, and check out the Gift Certificate Manual for more info.

Click Create Button Now and PayPal will generate HTML you can then copy & paste into your store or any other website, blog and etc.Now when someone receives a gift certificate to your store, they can enter their redemption code when they checkout.

If you have a "stand alone" site in addition to your online merchant site (i.e ebay, etsy, artfire, etc) alot of people dont know how to add shipping to the price when someone purchases by clicking a "paypal button". Because of this, alot of people do not use paypal buttons (created in Merchant Services) on there stand alone websites due to the fact that you cannot add shipping for different regions. This option lets you add "shipping profiles" for each currency and shipping region as well as create multiple shipping methods offered to buyers during checkout. So you can offer same flat shipping to everyone in the U.S.A/International, or you can offer different rates per US State and every country in the world.


Once you log into your account, go to "Merchant Service" tab at top of page then click on "Shipping Calculator" under "Shipping & Tax" on top right column. You can then set up Domestic and International shipping methods and amounts for however you would like. Then just save!


If you have every wanted to know how buyers find your shop (other than using Google Analytics) then you can add a little Survey to your paypal checkout that the customer can answer when they pay for the item. This is good for people who cannot really make heads or tails of Google Analytics and just want a simple answer like...Facebook or Google , not some graph chart.


1) Login to your PayPal account
2) Under “my account” click “profile”
3) Under “selling preferences” click “custom payment pages”, then click “options” and go to “merchant service options”
4) Check “add a customer service survey” and fill in the blanks*
5) Make sure you click “SAVE” before you exit

* You can use what every question you want, but most people say “How did you find (insert shop name)” for question. Then you can add any answers for the customers to choose from, like:
-google search
-yahoo search


  • If you have to charge tax for certain states there is a section under "Shipping & Tax" called "Tax Calculator" that lets you set up the tax method for each region applicable, much like the "Shipping Calculator" section.

  • Doing charity work or have a good cause you want to raise money for? Paypal also has a "Donation" button that you can set up under the "Merchant Service" tab. This button works the same as your other company buttons, it just states "Donation" so that you can separate it from your other business buttons.
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  1. Great post! thanks for the info

  2. I was wondering how to offer gift certificates!, that button is great, didn't know you could do that

  3. I heard about those surveys, do they work?

  4. Well , it really depends on your customer. Whether or not they take the time to fill them out. Some people swear by them, I mean it couldn't hurt to add it, the worst thing that could happen is they don't fill it out.