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Monday, November 22, 2010

Anyone who owns an Android or I-phone knows how addictive the apps can be...there are applications for everything ( my personal favorite is the "Starbucks Finder") and it looks like Etsy has finally gotten on the bandwagon. For those of you who have an Etsy shop, you can now take advantage of Etsy App Gallery. These applications are from developers who have tapped into the Etsy community, building their own apps for the web, desktop and mobile devices. Just as with most applications, some are more "useful" than others. The following are some of my favorites:

1. Etsy Catalog- Let's you create a PDF catalog with all the listings in your shop. You can then use your PDF catalog at trade shows, craft fairs ,in emails or with your company newsletter (if you have one).
PROS: Very easy to use beta interface to easily create the catalog. You can also change the listing easily before pushing the "button" to make the pdf catalog
CONS: Limited in design and color theme but if you are Illustrator savvy, you can alter pdf catalog easily in Adobe Illustrator and save as pdf.

2. Clock Bot- Let's you automatically renew your listings by setting the date and the time. This app is brought to you by Statsy, which ( for those of you who are not familiar with) is similar to Craft Cult.

Pros: Can set it to automatically renew your most popular items so you don't loose sales when something sells during an "off peak time"

Cons: Taking the time to set your listings, which can be time consuming if you have alot of items in your shop

3.Etsy Text- Sends you a notification text when you sell somthing in your shop. For those of you who do not have an smart phone with easily accesible email options.

Pros: easy to get an update when you need a quick notice. free to install and use

Cons: this is the only thing this app does and standard phone messaging rate apply.

Do you know of any etsy apps that are useful?
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Written by Lovely

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