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Friday, February 18, 2011

I am always looking for ways to stream line my business more professional and now

Google Voice is a telecommunications service by Google launched on March 11, 2009. The service provides a U.S. phone number, chosen by the user from available numbers in selected area codes, free of charge to each user account. Inbound calls to this number are forwarded to other phone numbers of the subscriber. Outbound calls may be placed to domestic and international destinations from any of a user's configured telephones, or from a web-based application. Inbound and domestic outbound calls (including calls to Canada) are free of charge, while international calls are billed according to a schedule posted on the Google Voice website.
When you register you can choose a virtual phone number in any area code. You can use that number to send and receive text messages, record voicemails and even receive and make calls over the Internet, but it becomes particularly useful when you attach it to the number associated with your mobile or land-line phone.That means that you can now a have separate number for your business but have it come to your home or cell phone and you won't be worried about privacy issues.Tracking Calls From Your Website

Some Features of Google Voice:

Track Calls Thru Your Website: One of the great features is being able to track your calls. Since all of these calls are logged, if you use this number on your website you can tell how many phone calls your website is generating for you. Google Voice provides you with a “Call Me” Widget that you can put on your website, and if people click it and enter their phone number, the service connects you with your potential customer instantly.

Voicemail Auto Transcribed to Text Form: Google Voice automatically transcribes your voicemails into text messages. This is very helpful if you are in a place where cell phone usage is "frowned upon" like in a meeting or a noisy place.

Different Personalized Greetings: llows users to personalize voicemail greetings by caller. So if you want certain people to hear a professional greeting when calling your Google Voice number, you can set the greeting according to their number. For friends, you can record and set a more laidback greeting.g.

Google Voice App: So conveniant for this day and age , letting you access your features while on the go. Also you can send SMS messages from your app without charges from your carrier. The app is free and is currently available only for Android, Blackberry and Iphones ,just go to your phones "app market" and look for "Google Voice" under search.

Screen Callers: When callers dial your Google Voice number, you have the option to send them directly to voicemail as well as listen in to the voicemail as it is being left. This comes in handy for those unknown numbers directed to voicemail that you really wish you had picked up. If you determine that you do want to take the call, you can hit a number to cancel the voicemail and connect the call.

Now the Downside Google Voice:

As with all good things there are also some bad and though this is a fantastic platform, it is not the end-all solution to ditching your land-line altogether. There are some of the downsides to using Google Voice

New Phone Numbers: Changing to Google Voice requires picking a number from Google. If your business is established, changing phone numbers may be a problem. There are also no 1-800 numbers, thought if you are looking for a "Toll free" number for your business try Ring Central, a small fee based option.

Reliability: Every now and then there is a small delay in the call– hopefully the fact that they are opening up the system means issues like this are solved.

PRIVACY: By using Google Voice to control all of your phone activity, you're exposing a vast amount of personal information to Google. Everything from whom you call to what you discuss.... even that drunk night naughty text you may have sent your your significant other-is stored on Google's servers. Together with the other various data Google may have on you, all of that could create quite a file on you. Though I highly doubt that Google is going to set your information free to the masses as with other Google services, Google Voice is governed by a privacy policy that explains what can and can't happen with your data....but it's still in someone's hands and can "technically" be used for other things.

Caller ID Confusion: If you start using a Google Voice number as your primary number (which I dont recommend), be prepared for the fact that regular calls from your cell phone (or any other phone) will still show up as your old number. This may create confusion, as the number you give out won't match the number from which you actually call.

Number Change: You have to get people to start reaching you at a new number. You might have to reprint business cards or stationery, and you'd have to take the time to update your information anywhere you have a registered account (other websites, anywhere you have linked your info to and etc).Until they fix this problem ( which they are in the process of doing) be sure to think carefully about what's involved before you decide to make the move to the new service or try this Hack that I found.
Cool Hack: Use Google Voice Without Changing your Number


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