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Friday, June 24, 2011

I actually saw this by way of ApertureAgog and thought this was fantastic "Do It Yourself" photography. This is a great tutorial showing how to construct an image using one light and several simple DIY light reflectors.
For those of us who are constantly striving for better photos, I think this is a great way to "manipulate" the light source in your favor.......because I cannot be the only waiting waiting for a specific time of day to utilize the best sunlight in my house :P
You can easily get the "clip on" or "clamp" lights they sell in home depot and a couple of mirrors to easily make your photos "dynamic" and if you can't find mirrors around your house or at your local thrift or Dollar Store, put some foil around a piece of that cardboard box that you have left over from something you bought....just make sure it goes on nice and smooth.

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