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Saturday, June 29, 2013

When I got a little email telling me that Google Reader will be disappearing as of July 1st....I thought, what should I do? If you are following Gramkin Paper Studio via Google Reader, it’s about time to think of an alternative way to stay keep stalking me.

If you have never heard of BlogLovin, its a "one stop shop" for people who love different blogs, but don't want  to have 25 thousand pages open on their browsers. Its a way for readers to find everything in one place and it will also make "suggestions" on similar blogs you may enjoy based on your current selection.
BlogLovin let’s you categorize the blogs you read and  mark off the posts you are not interested in so that you do not have to see them anymore.

You can also get the BlogLovin app for your Android or iPhone to read on your phone.

If joining this site is not your thing, the following are a couple of other ways you can follow us:

Feedburner: our RSS feed and you can
Email: recieve our post via email
Feedly (pictured below): probably the most popular alternative to Google Reader. They make it extremely easy to migrate your feeds over, with a one-click import, and the design is actually cleaner and more attractive than Google Reader. They also have pintrest and facebook integration

  1. Go to
  2. After signing in , click "Choose Services"
  3. Click "Reader"
  4. Click "Create Archive" ( this may take a few minutes depending on size of reader archive)
  5. Click "Create Archive" again, once the boxes have loaded.
  6. Click "Download"  (then enter your password if asked) and save to your computer ( just remember where)
  7. Open the downloaded zip file ( extract by right clicking on it and using the extracting program or click on "Open With" and you options will show up) and find the folder that is labeled "Subscriptions"
  8. Go to ( if you have not already set upan account , you will need to do this and sign in beforehand)
  9. Click on "Choose File"
  10. Choose the "Subscriptions" folder that you just downloaded. ( If it says OPML files only, you XML files will work).
  11. Click "Upload"
  12. Now you have your blogs in one place!

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