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Saturday, October 12, 2013

Though I am fortunate enough to have access to huge variety of produce where I live, occasionally I come across something that makes me go "What the hell is that?"....then I go look it up on my phone, lol.

Most markets are now starting to offer other fruit besides the standard apples and oranges, but the reality is that it is really only a small selection compared to what the world offers. Whole Foods and Fairway often showcase "Strange Fruit". For those of you who have a green thumb, there are alot of places that offer seeds, so that you may grow your own .

seedsshop ( seeds for purchase from L to R): Purple Dragon Fruit Cactus, White Dragon Fruit Cactus, Watermelon Radish, Mexican Sour Melon, Purple Cauliflower, Bolivian Rainbow Chili, White Alpine Strawberry, Rainbow Carrots , Ornamental Cucmbers

Smartseeds (seeds for purchase from L to R): Reisetomate Heirloom Tomato, Red Long Bean

L to R: Salak, UGLI ( yes that's the name of them), Aguaymanto or Peruvian Cherries

L to R: Gac Fruit, Mammee , Sugar Apples ( my favorite)

What are some other "Strange Fruit"?

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