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Sunday, October 4, 2009

One of the most requested design elements I get request for are swirl patterns and as anyone knows there are hundreds of them. Swirls can take your design from plain to fancy with just a few strategic placements (too many can be overpowering..they really can be).
Most people just usually purchase the whole design or for some of the more craft individuals you can purchase the individual design elements from other designers. You can find a variety of designers & sellers on the web (including ours "Gramkin Paper Studio") or there are other fellow Etsy sellers who sell design motifs.

These swirls and motifs are from designer haiderm3 and are available for download here. Just download and save to your computer.Please note that they are in pdf form and can be used in a variety of programs (Adobe included).


designed and created courtesy of haiderm3
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Written by Lovely

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