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Thursday, October 22, 2009

One of the most requested private projects I get is logo design or a company banner , then the next thing I get is "my budget is $10". I then have to explain to potential buyers, not just the difference between logos and banners , but also why neither will be done for $10.
I was beginning to get a little tired of explaining to individuals the difference, but realized that if you are not in design field, it is not readily known knowledge.

Then I happened to come across a posting that answered and explained these issues so clearly. Jacob Cass, a self employed graphic designer as well as the founder of "Just Creative Design", a graphic design company posted a fantastic as well as clear article about this issue entitled "Why Logo Design Does Not Cost $5.00". And, for anyone who has ever had any questions about logo prices, this is a great article to educate yourself on pricing, design and the little ins and outs when requesting logo/branding work from an artist.

Of course bigger companies will charge more than others, so smaller firms or companies can be the affordable alternative for the start up. For the " one person" company, such as some etsy sellers or other online only companies, the price can be dramatically lower, but never $5. At least nothing of quality will be that price, be prepared to budget at minimum $50-$75 for a professional logo when you are planning your company branding.

Some individuals try to avoid this "logo" request by requesting "banners" whether for their website or blog. The difference between a logo and a banner is that you can have your logo in your banner, but not vise verse. Banners are screen resolution (72 DPI) branding tools that can have your logo incorporated in the design, but should not be used as a replacement for your logo. In addition , banners are cheaper in price, due to design, low screen resolution and a variety of other factors. Of course if you are starting with a banner that you like and find that you need a logo, you can request elements of your rectangular banner be incorporated in your smaller high resolution logo. Also I have seen several sellers take there banner and wrap it around there product packaging, scewing and warping the banner design. This is one of those places were a logo comes in handy, you can take your logo and put it on any packaging, whether its your product or letterhead.

Take a look at it and keep those tips in mind when making those Alchemy or private request...because while in this economy, alot of people want to pay the least amount of money as possible, buyers need to realize that paying more is the difference between quality and cheaply made design.
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