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Saturday, December 5, 2009

It amazes me sometimes, when I talk to sellers and mention a new tool or some promotion going on , to only find out that they have no idea what I am talking about . Or they just haven't signed up for the company updates. As as seller you want to do everything you can to promote and make your business profitable. I don't know about you, but I am waiting for the day when my smiling mug is featured on teh "Quit Your Day Job".Also I already have my "FU" speech prepared for my boss, really, I am going out in a blaze of glory!
So there are several tools which I think are helpful , some you may have heard of or are using and some you maybe are on the fence about or don't know how to use.

ESellersAds: One of the newest on the block and very nice. The idea behind ESellerAds is that your customers should be able to shop anywhere and buy your products on Etsy.We actually use it (you can see our add in our blog side bar). They are touted as being a "step up from etsy minis", it links directly to your shop, comes in different sizes which is better than that standard etsy mini and doesn't carry the logo. Just go to site, put in your username/shop name and they generate the add for you. To keep it, just put in your email address and they send you the html code to put on any of your websites, social media or etc. No signup required.

Cr8tivity-is a very interesting site as it is a mixture of Google Analytics and Craft Cult and Etsy Mini. Once you put in your shop ID, your head appears at the top and you can choose between several buttons, from your own "company widget" (like the etsy mini) to hearts by item and also "Shop Statistics" that is broken down into easy to read pie charts. For those of you confused about how to use Google Analytics, this may be a way to "ease" yourself into it. Just remember it does not take the place of Google Analytics.
One button that is very good is the "Shop Helper". This tool makes either a single Product Flyer or a Multi Product Flyer. The flyer maker is a PDF download that contains your shop banner, images and information about of your product that you can print and use as a marketing material. All of the items in your shop are in the drop down menu, so all you have to do is select an Etsy Listing ID and click on the download button you can even put your own info in or just use what is in the ad. This nifty little tool is great for line sheets for your press kit or wholesale sheets. Go ahead and try it out!

Statsy: is another tracker similar to Craft Cult but has some other features such as "The Locator" which you put a listing # in (the 8 digit number above the "add to cart" button on the right side of your item) and it tells you on which page and what place it is. There is also the "Biggest Fan" where you can see who hearts your items the most (good if you want to offer your stalker a little private discount), The "Featurator" , which you put in your email address and anytime you are featured it will notify you, so no more searching and googling your shop name.

Craft Cult: Everyone is familar with, tracks your hearts, features and treasury mentions. Its a standard if you have a shop.

Where Am I: by EtsyHacks shows where your shop is ranked when a user types in a tag. Just put in the tag that you have labeled one of your items with and then put in your username and it will show you where you are ranked. The only downside is that it only searches the first 25 pages. So if you do not show up, then that means that you are not in the first 25 pages of search.

SoopSee: Turns your etsy site into a website. This is good for those who are web design challenged, and an easy cheaper alternative to the involvement and coding an actual website requires. The pros are that it is free, incorporates your existing blogs , etsy site and some photos sites together.The downside are the templates are not that extensive and that you have to manually update it, like you would a blog or website, no auto setting.

Craft Weasel: Is another common site, but there are a couple of things that are good with this site. If you are confused by Google Analytics and just need everything simplified, this is a good alternative. Under "Shop Stat" you can put your shop name and it breaks down, with a bar graph by day, the views and tags. Also, it gives you a list of most tags used and searched for in your shop by day. Another great feature is the "Tag Finder" , if you have ever had a problem finding the right tag for your item, just put in the main descriptive word like "knitted scarf" and it gives you all the tags associated with that...neat huh? No more guessing and pulling tags out of your backside. There are also other great features there as well.

Sellit: Is similar to EsellerAds, but you need to register. The Pro is that you can do this for more than just etsy, works with other selling sites. The downside is that there is only one large rectangular size for the ad

Yammi Handmade: Sounds crazy but is a cute little tool for not only states, but buttons to display your hearts , sales and other little things that you can place on your blog or other social media sites.....This is just one of them

Etsy Front Pagers: If you been on the front page and would like a nice screen shot to promote or for your press page, then this group pool from Flikr has every screen shot of the Etsy Front Page for you. You can also check to see if you have made front page or a treasury by typing in your shop name in the search bar.

Website Grader: Ever wondered how you stack up to the competition, this site gives you marketing info for your site , products and tags. It is free, you just put in the URL of the site you want and it gives you your grade out of 100 then goes into detail about your SEO. Also gives you a feature to put in your competitors url to see how you compare. Great tool to see where you may need improvement.

Etsy Tag Fractal: Lets you put in a tag and all shops that are tagged with that name come up.

Social Mention: is not an official etsy tool , but really is a great business tool. Like "Goggling " your company name , this site lets you input your website or company name and any place your name comes up in the world wide web appears with a link to view it. It is seperated by catagories, like Blogs, Network, News and more. But you should just check "All" to pick up everything.

There of course are other Etsy Developers, just go to link for a list of the Featured Etsy Developers

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  1. Wow. This list is awesome. Thank you so much.

  2. WOW! Can't wait to spend some time on these....Thanks for sharing.

  3. wonderful list thank you , a lot of these I haven't heard of :)

  4. So helpful!

    I’m a big fan and follower of your blog. I was recently passed this award and wanted to also send it to you!

    Thanks for being an inspiration!

  5. WOW - This is really a nice Christmas present that I will use for years to improve my shop!!! THANKS and Merry Christmas to you!!!

  6. Thank you I had some of these marked throughout my favorites but you have made it all more convient by listing them and their functions all together.

    Thank You

  7. Thanks for the links to a bunch of new Etsy tools I've never heard of! Just set up an ESellersAds account. I'll be checking out the rest of the links too!