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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

I have always had a secret obsession with calligraphy , especially those artist like eDanae, who still use the old-world method of steel-nib dipped in ink to produce these gorgeous products as pictured on the left. But, sadly, if you are lacking the steady hands or patience that a calligrapher needs...or your penmanship just sucks, there are options out there for those D.I.Y'ers.

The D.I.Y calligraphy tutorial is brought to you by Instructables. This method lets you create beautiful calligraphy with a minimal amount of stress and annoyance. For the full tutorial please visit the original post at Industructables.

All you need is a:
-envelopes(or whatever product you are using)
-removable scotch tape
-calligraphy ink
-calligraphy dipping pen

(click on font name to download)
PLEASE NOTE: you can buy calligraphy supplies from Dick Blick or any art supply store.
Helpful Hint: If you are putting calligraphy on envelopes, use Scotch Removable Tape and tack the envelope down with two pieces before you run it down the printer. This reduces the risk of the envelope flap jamming the printer.

picture courtesy of eDanae
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