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Friday, April 30, 2010

I am constantly on the quest to find things that make not only my business better but also more efficient. Some info out there is useful, others....not so much, so the following two are resources that I have found to be useful for business. Some you may have heard of others you might not of, but they are both worth taking a gander at

{The Crafts Report}
This monthly magazine delivers tips and tricks on everything from creating great photographs of artist's work to setting up a show booth and handling legal issues that surround running a small business.
Each issue contains features of crafters who have turned their hobby into a profession. There are monthly columns on business basics, crafts law, advanced business concepts, crafts technology, retailing and more. They have listings of supplies, craft shows, and equipment which is especially good for that #1 question I always see..."WHAT IS THE BEST TENT TO BUY?"
To receive the report you can subscribe online at The Crafts Report Subscription for $40/yr for either print or digital, but if you can't wait and secretly you want to "thumb " thru it before you purchase, the do sell the "hard copies" at Barnes and Noble, Borders, Books-A-Million, Hastings and Jo-Ann Fabrics. The downside to that is there is no "set" location to which stores carry them, it is not based on size of area or size of store, but landscape. This means that areas where there are traditionally more "Crafters" located is where they sell it :( ........this is one of the times where living in a smaller town may be an advantage.
Good News though, after speaking to a lovely rep from the publishing company, it was suggested to purchase the digital version( same price as the magazine). No only does the digital version arrive quicker ( usually withing about 2 business day from puchase) it has more content. They also only have the Craft Show Listings in the digital version, they are no longer in the magazine. Not to mention that since it is digital they can add more articles and resources that they might have to cut to fit in a 40 page magazine.

PRO: With monthly subscription there is constantly new ideas and info for your business.
Suggest getting the digital version for more content and access to archives
CON: May be a bit overwhelming to the "newbie" crafter, may need to wait until you
have a few shows or experience under your belt, but still a good resource.

{American Style Magazine}
This monthly magazine arts lifestyle magazine for art lovers, collectors and travelers. Each issue features contemporary art and artists, art galleries, art collectors, and arts travel and tourism. American Style offers readers exclusive visits to American artists' studios and art collectors' homes, as well as articles about art glass, ceramics and pottery, art jewelry, handmade crafts, furniture and more.


This guide has current listings for 2010 and up to early 2011 for fairs as well .

PRO: Great place to get inspiration and major fairs/festivals you may not have heard of
CON: Seemed to be geared toward finer arts and crafts, so this is good for the jewelry, sculpture and other such crafters. More about established artist and inspiration than business resources
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