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Thursday, June 10, 2010

We have finally gotten back from out weekend at Renegade Brooklyn and boy are we tired. The big show was alot of work and we were happy to get in, but unfortunately all the vendors had to battle tornado like winds.I shared a booth with Christine from Chocolate and Steel, who makes this lovely fine silver jewelry. I was fortunate to not only have a great booth mate but also good booth neighbors so it made my weekend very pleasant. As anyone who does craft show knows, sometimes your booth neighbors can make your experience hell. Due to the wind we were not able to display like we usually do , but I think that the display turned out well. I also want to thank all of you who stopped by and said hello , from our blog followers to our product purchasers, we appreciate you all.
Unfortunately I wasn't able to walk around as my "helper" and I needed all four hands to hold down the merchandise...wouldn't you know that paper and wind don't mix? There was gale force winds all weekend, every vendor was having a hard time. On Sunday everyone heard someones pottery crash to the track , we were all very sympathetic. Even though the fair ended at 7pm, on Sunday ( which was the worst of the rain and wind) the majority of the vendors had packed up by 5pm. We were actually one of them. Between the rain, wind and not being able to keep the product from whipping around as well as dry, we packed it in. I tried to stay, but in the end, much like the other vendors it was a loosing battle.
All in all, other than the wind and rain, Renegade Brooklyn was good, now we move on the next one!
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  1. I liked meeting you there, wish I could have looked around your booth a little longer, but you know, had to hold down my own (literally! lol..)