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Thursday, July 29, 2010

One of the most asked about questions is "How do I use social media for my business?"..Translation, "How can I whore my business out on Twitter and Facebook?
As you know, I myself am a "Twitter Quitter", having shut down my account since it didn't increase sales or add any value to my business. But there are alot of people who swear by it and it does benefit there business is some way.There are no "hard and fast" rules or magic wand that can give you success with these outlets, but the following may be some info that can work for you.

1. Separate your personal and business social pages!
That means if you are all ready on Facebook or Twitter for yourself, dont use that same account to then promote your business. None of your customers want to get pcitures and video on the fantastic trick your cat learned last night. Stay focused on your product and objective ,give your personal Facebook to your friends and the professional to your buyers.If you are really serious about your business and promoting, keep it professional.

2.Social Media ResourcesResources to help you with using and promoting your social media for business

3.Don't Forget to make sure the button is working!
Make sure to test your button/link. I can't tell you how many times I have clicked on something and it wasn't linked. In addition to the company buttons that social media sites give you, there are also some that you can install yourself. Click below for a link of great and free social media icons to download.

Most Importantly .....just because you posted new images on your social media accounts or Etsy store doesn't mean people will rush to buy them. You still have to get them to your website and thats why you really have to promote your Social Media Accounts just like as much as your shop to build your following.

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