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Monday, September 20, 2010

I am always on a quest to find a way to enhance as well as take better photos. If you have Photoshop and can actually use it , lol...then there is never a problem executing your own creations.
But for those of you who are not Photoshop proficient, there are several great online photo editors that can take your photos to the next level. These are not just for your business, they can be used for your blog or just a fun way to spice up those digital photos.

The following are some of the best

Loonapix: is on of my favorties, they have so many templates to choose from. Not only the more "stylized, artisic" ones but some very funny, celebrity interfaces as well..This one is a must see:)

beFunky: allows you to add some really lovely effects to your photos as well as the standard photo effects like lighten and darken. This easy interface allows the user to create great artistic effects without any " technical' knowledge.

piZap: is one of the more entertaining photo editors that allows you to either upload your own photos or use your webcam. Its free and online, so no need to download anything. If you want to see what it can do , just use on of the 4 demo photos and play around.

is a hilariously fun web based tool that allows you to upload your photos and apply different cool effects to them. Scroll through over 100 different photo effects or if you are looking for something in particular selected the by "categories". Each effect has photo requirements and they state them right above the the upload button. When I tell you I had some fun with my pics, I really did! You can have a celebrity holding your portrait, to a large size banner in Times Square. This tool is definitely worth a look, just make sure to hit the "Download File" button, ad they usually have some add running above it and if you are not careful you could hit the ad for something.

Poladroid: is the easiest way to make a high resolution polaroid-like picture from your photos. You do need to download the "app" to your desktop (in the shape of a polaroid camera) but its free and small...This app is awesome!

My Heritage: is a web based program from the My Heritage geneology website that lets you upload photos and find out which celebrity closest resembles you. There is also a tool that lets you upload two photos and it will morph them together, so if you wanted to look like Halle Berry or Angelina Jolie, just put a photo of them in and it will morph you into them in a series of photos.

Write on It: is a web based free program that lets you create cards, make your own magazine covers (from major magazines like People, Wired, Redbook, etc) or put your face on a celebrity body. Yes, I said put your face on the bodies of celebrities in well known popular pictures, lol. It looks like most people use the magazine cover the most.

Hairmixer: is a web based program that allows you to put different hair styles on your face or another face. Now this is not really beneficial as a business tool, we just think it downright funny. You can either upload two photos or use the celebrity gallery photos. A friend of mine used this tool to to see what her and her boyfriends kids would look like...did I say it was a hilarious tool?

Magmypic: is a web based program that lets you put any photo on a magazine. Much like Write on It, this site has pre-generated magazines, not the legitimate ones on the stand.

Hollywood Hair: though not really used for your business, it is entertaining....just upload your photo and try on different hairstyles made popular by celebrities.

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  1. photofunia is not so bad. Just try they have some awesome effects also.