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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Branding your company or even just making your packaging unique is a constant learning experience. In a previous Post " Tag It : Your Creative Packaging" we talked about different low cost ways to make your packages lovely and of course, we touched on stamps.
Company stamps are a great and easy way to brand your company on packaging, but what if you wanted alot of different stamps designs but cant purchase them all?....make them
Make Your Own Stamp Tutorial from Art Mind, is a nice step by step pictorial on how to make them.

You will need a view easy to find tools:
  • lino cutting set (to cut out design)
  • pencil (to draw your design)
  • sharpie marker (to outline your design)
  • ink (to stamp)
  • Gum
Notes & Resources:
Lino Cutters
  • You can get Lino Cutters from a Variety of places like Here and Here
  • You should get the set that comes with a variety of heads as opposed to just one
  • This will give your more tools for better precision, on those finer cuts in corners
Rubber Stamp Gum

  • Can be bought by the sheet and then cut down to size. This is good for stamps of various sizes that you may want to do.

  • BUT ALSO TRY GUM ERASERS (also called "Soap" Erasers), these blocks are the perfect size for stamps and because they are thicker in depth, you will not need to mount them onto wood or etc. Just remember to check the size of the gum eraser to make sure it is big enough for your needs

  • Just remember its better to make it bigger and cut is down, then the other way around.

  • Gum Erasers can be purchased by the box at : Jerry's, Amazon, Artist Supply, School Specialty

    ALSO, if you really don't feel like purchasing the "Gum Erasers" you can use a Cut Potato....yes I did say a Potato. Remember how big the Potato Stamp Crafts were back in the 70's? lol. The only problem is that is will not last forever, but if put in the fridge a little longer than left out.
    OR you can use a Foam Sponge, like the ones that you use to wash your dishes. Easily found in the dish washing isle in the supermarket or to buy in bulk try the Dollar Store. To cut foam sponge use an Exacto Knife instead of Lino Cutters.
    Just remember that the Sponge Stamp applies ink differently than a solid Gum Rubber Stamp, just try different applications out to find what method works best for you.

stamp and foam picture courtesy of Art Mind

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  1. I love this idea!! Very cute!!

    I'm doing a guest blogger series while I move and I'd love for you to enter!