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Saturday, July 18, 2009

Alot of times sellers forget that the packaging of there item is just as important as the actual item. This was something that I was reminded of when I purchased a lovely item ( I won't say what and by whom on this blog, due to the nature of the post, lol) that was really lacking in the packaing. I thought , how great there item could be with just a few (inexpensive) items ....and how much business they are actually missing out on becuase of lack of packaging. So this is dedicated to some inexpensive ideas ( let's face it, we are in a recession and need a break) that can be used by anyone.
The obvious choice for packaging is wrapping your item in some colorful wrapping paper that you have happened to find in the back of the closet ,leftover from Chrismas , but that only works if you gotten the "holiday nuetral" items and not some Santa laden monstrosity. Also, it is quite hard if you have items that are big or awkwardly shaped and regular ole' wrapping paper, just won't do.

The easiest (and most popular) packaging material is brown Kraft Paper. Made from wood pulp this paper is sturdy as well as strong and since it is a nice nuetral color, paired with a few small items it can really make your packages stand out.
Stamps are a good way of changing the craft paper quickly and cheaply. If you have a company stamp, this is a great way to brand yourself and create some " company wrapping paper".

If you are feeling crafty, the simplest way is to draw design and rub off on gum paste, then take an x-acto knife and cut it out...viola! a very rudimentary stamp. But, if you are not handy with the creativity and have put down your knife to serve good and not evil, then have someone make your stamp. Now you can get find a variety of stamp makers very cheaply at write in "custom stamp". I have actually seen people use those white erasers when they can't find the traditional block to make the Which I guess is a way to practice without paying for the materials. Because if the little experiment fails, you always have an eraser.

Butcher Paper is another great way to wrap your item, especially if you are doing soap or another beauty based item. Butcher paper is bleached kraft paper, therefore accounting for the white color, so this is a good alternative to brown kraft paper. It is just as sturdy(being that it is bleached kraft paper) but in white color which matches every color you may pair it with. One of the best places to get kraft paper is from your local Dollar Store. Every city has one, and every city usually has better ones. In NYC, our's is called Jack's World, every New Yorker goes there not just for the dollar items, but for the Kitchen Items on the second floor. If you are not sure which one is the "better" one in your city, just go to the biggest one in your town

I love getting items in boxes, but boxing your items can be expensive . If you can't afford the fancy boxes, then try a nice plain box and accessorize it. Try adding striped or patterned ribbon to box like this Boxed Set. You don't need to have a fancy bow, you can simply make a band and attach the ends with invisible double stick tape or "Glue Dots". Or try Raffia or Twine wrapped several times around item.

Sometimes you may want to ship your items in a box, like the one pictured her from Pistachio Press. These "Mailers" come in a variety of sizes , most notably from Uline. These are good if you want to just add your label or write with a big black sharpe on the box. What most people do not know is that you can order (online only) free boxes from the United States Postal Office. There are some downsides to this though. There are only priority boxes available, which sometimes(depending on weight) is cheaper than sending regular mail. The USPS ships the cheapest way possible, so that means it ships Parcel Post which can take up to 3-4 weeks depending on where you live. So you need to plan ahead if you are using that option.

Kraft boxes are great for all types of items especially jewelry.You can added ribbon , appliques or any other embellishments like Viva to personalize. These boxes in various sizes can be found in several places. If you just want a few to try out, then maybe by them from an Etsy Seller ( type in Kraft Box) or if you need alot, try Ebay or Paper Mart. Below are some of different ways to dress up the "box" that are easy and inexpensive.


When it comes to food packaging, I find simpler is better. You definitely want to be able to see what it is you are eating, so in this category, the cellophane wrapper is king. They are inexpensive, easy to get and not to mention they will end up in your local landfill, lol. They now offer a selection of FDA approved Bio Degradable cellephane bags, just note they are more expensive than the regular one. A good place to get both kinds is Clear Bags.

One of the best food packing supplies that I like is the Kraft Tie Bags.Usually the are use for coffee, but I find that they are great for cookies, candy or any solid food. Some come with windows and some are solid, both are great for use to use with your company label. These bags have a flat bottom and an easy to use tin tie closure built in. All you need to do is fill them, fold the ties in and they are ready to go!. They great thing is that they are reclosable as well.

Labels for your company are the easy way to brand your items and store. At Gramkin Paper Studio we make Hangtags and Labels for all types of shops like we did for Delectably ReFashioned (pictured), though we think of ourselves as the best (lol) you can find a variety of sellers of labels on the well as make them yourselves.


I know that some people are very stingy when it comes to sharing information. We are not as we are confident in our products as well as make alot of our things. So
the following is a list of some of the better ones that have good packaging items as well as good customer service and easy of ordering .


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