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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

So the 5th Annual Renegade Craft Fair in Brooklyn started on June 6th and is was a large amount of indie artist that descended on McCarren Park in trendy Williamsburg Brooklyn.
McCarren Park actually is a series of "islands" so to say and the fair was spread between two of them, with the bulk of the vendors circling around the track. With 140+ exhibitors, the bulk of the stores were clothing vendors. Mostly t-shirts for adults and kids.

One of the most interesting , was the vendor who sells "chalkboard" tees. They have different designs and you can literally write on them with a piece of fried was playing around with it. It was something I have never seen before and in my opinion genuis. And the best part is when you wash it, like a chalk board, it wipes it all clean and you can start over!
Milkweed and Honey (the young lady who was running the booth is looking on with amusement)made these very cute Mustache sticks..they even sold kits where you can make your own or buy it already made like above. friend is thinking of buying one....I call it the Mark Spitz mustache, lol.

Later, we stopped by Plushkill Forest....the alternative to killing a real animal and putting it on your wall.........idiot sports hunter's I am talking to you. They make these animal head plushy that you can mount on your wall and not worry about PETA being after you. It comes complete with dead X eyes in cute colors. The girls who are the genius behind the brand are great and very nice. Loved talking to them!

To round out the plushy phase, we come to "Zooguu" ,makers of round plush animals. They come in three sizes , Large, Small and Key Chain size. I suggest picking up a small one for your office, because these have a nice "stress ball" feel and are good to squeeze to relieve tension at those times when people are annoying you. Jen, who is the designer and creator of Zooguu, told me that though she makes the toys for children, her biggest buyers are adults purchasing for themselves....I am telling you, they feel great!

So that is how I spent my Saturday...smelling and touching everything in the hot , hot sun in Brooklyn.

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