Wednesday, October 27, 2010


So all of you know how much I use to rave about those Eseller Ad widgets, but sadly you found out in another post that Eseller Ads are no more. For those of you who just wanted a display widget and not convert over to the paid service Handmade Spark, the Craftcult Widget is what you need.
The Craft Cult Widget lets you customize your shop in 5 steps. Just put your shop name in , pick one of the 8 templates (refer to ours in left side bar and some that we made below) and pick from display and animation style, then generate your widget. We have generated a couple above with different effects. The only downside to the widget is its limitations. With Esellers widget, you could choose from 3 different layouts to fit different areas of your blog/web, BUT, this is still a very useful too.....try it out


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