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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

I am always on the quest to find ways to take a better picture, no matter how good my photos are ( and yes I know that that is debatable, lol). So while doing a little Virtual Labing, another seller turned me onto to a place to build my own light box.
I love the natural white light of daylight, but unless you are in a certain spot it will never be even everytime and sometimes, I just don't feel like photoshopping everything...I do have a life, so a light box is a way to take care of that. For those on a budget you can make your own light box with a couple of cheap supplies and it will lessen your "photoshopping time".

This DIY Light Box Tutorial comes from a blogger by the name of JYOSEPH. You can get the clip-on lamps from Home Depot for a few dollars, which is better just in case you have to move around the lamps. If you do not want to purchase lamps and are on a budget, I suggest making sure to buy a "soft white" bulb. It was also suggested an Ott Lite Bulb , which is a "true" white light in a regular lamp if you don't want to spend money on clip on lamps.

If you are not crafty or just don't want to to take the time to make this, then why not try a Portable Light Cube. These are soft white outer material light boxes that usually come with four background cloths(white, red, blue and black)that you can interchange inside the box (as pic). Of course if you want another color background you can easily add your own.

These can be found on Ebay or Amazon for $10 up to $50 , some even come with two small professional lights(depending on seller). These are good if you don't want or have a place for a permanent light box (no matter how small). They easily "pop" open when you pull out of the bag (size of medium size pocketbook) and have a removable wall that has a slit in it for you to stick your camera lens if you want to make sure no shadows show. Or you can leave the wall off (as pic) Of course you still need lamps and a light to shine on box, but the best part when you are through you can store in a drawer or move around as needed.

tutorial and photos courtesy of jyoseph
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  1. I am going to try this, been wanting a light box for awhile.