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Monday, November 9, 2009

With the recession looking as if it is going nowhere soon, justifying spending any extra money on art is hard to do. Enter Feed Your Soul .........................................
Feed Your Soul is a free art project where each month artists are invited to participate and to contribute a print which is totally free and available for download (personal use only).
This project is coordinated by Jen Wallace, the writer of the site Indie Fixx, to help art lovers feed their souls with art in these recessionary times and to help artists promote their work.Each week (usually on Monday) two or more prints are added to the available downloads.
Depending on the quality of printer you have you can download the desired art (in pdf form) and print out on your home printer (frame and hang as picture above). Or , after download, you can save and have sent to printer of your choice, whether local or another an online printer like Imagekind, where you can upload file and print on a variety of choices ( like glossy, traditional canvas, etc) and they even frame as well. This is a good option for those of you who like "one stop" shopping. Just remember that this is for "personal use" and not for profit.

The great thing about Feed Your Soul is that they have a list of artist with their bio and website, so if you would like to see other work and purchase from a particular artist you can. The only downside is that they don't keep archives, so if you see a picture then I suggest you download immediately as you never know when you will get it for free again...if ever.
If you are an artist and would like to submit your work for consideration, just go to the site and send an email with your url or 1-2 images of your work. The artist list is usually booked at least a month in advanced so it may take us them a while to get back to patient.

photos courtesy of Feed Your Soul & Apartment Therapy
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Written by Lovely

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