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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

::::::TO DOWNLOAD FONT:::::: on link above and choose the "click here to download" bttn to save to your computer
2.go to your computer (where ever you saved the file) and "right click" on zip file.
3.choose open to "extract file here" or if you have a " zip extract" program like Winzip or Yemzip (for mac) then choose that program to unzip the file.
4.once the file is "unzipped" move the font file to your font folder on your computer
5.once your file is in your "font folder" on your computer you can use it with any of your programs.

please note: your "font folder" can be accessed in any "Windows System" by going to "My Computer" then click on "(C:)", then "Windows" and there you will see a folder called "Fonts". That folder is your "Fonts Folder" where all your fonts are kept...add any new fonts to this folder.
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