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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

There are alot of "Online Store Fronts" that try to make a name for themseleves like Etsy or as Ebay once did...Zazzle, Big Cartel, Artfire, Foodzie, Store Envy along with countless others, but a new kid has entered the block...Goodsie

Goodsie , a NY Based online store front is from the creators of Favors.Me, has created a simple way of creating a website similar to Wordpress. Users are able to choose from multiple layout options, color pallets, background patterns, and typography without having to worry about HTML or coding issues. Users can transfer domain names for free, get site analytics, and connects to most payment options including PayPal without charging transaction fees. This is a great option that allows the owner to interagate a "cart " without alieanting some buyers by having them "join" the site to purchase from you like Etsy or Ebay.

New users can join with a free 30 day trial and once the trial is up, the user will be required to pay$15 per month for the service. Just note that Goodsie is not the end all be all. It currently does have a coupon feature and though the layouts are great, they can be limiting if you are looking for something more extensive.

The bottom line is that this site will get you started, but if your business is growing, you will need a more extensive option.

PROS: Goodsie is a good starting place for 1st time shop owners on a limited budget. Easy to use with slick interface and clean lines. Offers great non traditional font options built in and great layouts.
CONS: Limited in extensive design options, fee per month, though low at $15 is still an expense. No automatic cross sales, like on Etsy or Ebay,where a customer may see your store and purchase will have to push people to your site

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Written by Lovely

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