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Sunday, November 27, 2011

The main issue that arises with social media icon sets and that some of the newer websites are missing. I looked everywhere for an official"Etsy " button as well as several other popular sites and couldn't find one. Or if you have found one, it doesn't fit the design of the icons you already to sole my problem I just made my own.
Now in addition to the Etsy button, I have added several others in the CONVOKIN Speech Bubble Icon Set. This set includes all the popular social media icons (twitter, facebook and etc) along with rare ones like Etsy, Ebay, Pinterest, Tumblr, Vimeo , Paypal and more.

Download : CONVOKIN Speech Bubble Icon Set by Gramkin Paper Studio

1. Download the icon set ( gif and png format )
2.Once it is saved to your computer, unzip using your own program ( WinZip , WinRAR,etc) or right click on the file and choose " Extract Files" to unzip the icons and save to your computer.
3. You will need to upload them into your own hosting ( photobucket, flikr, etc)
4. Add them to your website, bottom of your blog post or side bar

The most common html code to use is :

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