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Friday, July 13, 2012

Looking for a low cost alternative to host your company website? Try Indie Made.
According to the website, Indie Made is a simple, reasonably-priced online service that combines a blog, a photo gallery, an event calendar, and a shopping cart, all in one. which you can have in as little as 120 seconds....though , if you want it the best it can be, it will probably take you a little longer.

After you sign up , you choice one of the 3 monthly plans ,ranging from $4.95-19.95 . Once you have chosen, you can set up your store, design, add a blog post, gallery/images and separate pages for your company.
In addition, there are several features that beneficial to the small business owner , such as a
  • Shopping Cart: No merchant account necessary — you just need a PayPal™ account. Your customers can pay with credit and debit cards. And IndieMade doesn't take even a bit of your sales.Though the shopping cart design is very similar to Big Cartel.
  • Blog on your own website. With IndieMade, visitors can read your blog, grab a feed, and buy from your store all without leaving your site.This is useful, if you are tired of having a separate blog on another interface.
  • News:Showcase and tag press and reviews you've received, or share big announcements with your fans.
  • Company Calender to share dates and details of shows, parties, classes, or special events you're planning
  • Video Embedding ( Youtube/Vimeo, etc) Embed audio snippets or videos on your site. Include song samples for albums you're selling, or post videos of your work in your blog.
  • Reporting : Run reports on your orders or customers to get a handle on sales cycles and discover your most popular products. Print out invoices to ship and not to mention Google Analytic integration.
  • Inventory Control: You can also control the amount of easily reproduced items available, so you don't sell more than you have in stock.
Have an Etsy Store? they also let you import your etsy store listing.In addition , they have a lot of good articles about starting and maintaining your business on their own site blog.
With different, easy to change themes and custom url integration, Indie Made is definitely a low cost alternative to the pricier alternatives.

Pros:Some great features and support. The fact that there is a shopping cart is worth it. Clean , simple website themes and easy to use controls.

Cons: If you are looking for fancy layouts and themes, this may not the site for you. If you don't know any coding or have a friend who you can bribe into doing it, you are pretty much stuck with just the designs/features that they already give you. To get a custom url, you automatically have to upgrade to the 2nd ( $11.95) price tier.
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Written by Lovely

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  1. Are Etsy and Indiemade related in any way? As a seller, I'm not too happy with Etsy right now, and looking for a change. Thanks!

  2. Not to my knowledge, just have Etsy integration, but you never know.