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Sunday, February 5, 2012

The latest kid on the block is Craft Launch , an online site that allows the owners of handmade and vintage businesses to easily build custom, professional websites...basically allowing an Etsy shopkeeper the ability to "tie in" their Etsy shop,giving it an "Storefront" appearance. I gotta say, its about time someone thought of this.
Once you sign up, CraftLaunch will take your latest Etsy listings and put them into your website so visitors can view them. When a customer clicks “buy” , it will then take them to checkout on Etsy. That means you do not have to manage two sets of inventory or checkout processes, and you only have to post and pay for your listings once.
There is a month $15 (pay-as-you-go) fee to use the service, but they are currently offering a 15 day free trial ( with no credit card required) to see if you would like the site.With the monthly fee you can get a variety of services ( google analytic's, unlimited Etsy products, social network linking, unlimited pages and etc) but there is an additional fee per month to use your custom domain. If you choose not to add that they your domain will be your site
If you have finally decided to have your own website from Etsy, but your are "budget" conscious or don't know where to start(html, shopping cart, etc), this is a good first step. It allows you to "get your feet wet" and find out if your business is ready to sustain itself

PROS: Easy to use integration and automatic website updates when you add new listings to your shop. Great start for "1st time" website launcher.
CONS: Limited features, if you are looking to do more with your website, this is not the site for you.Also, if a customer is not an Etsy Member, they will still need to join Etsy just to buy fro your site and that may alienate customers who want your product, but dont want to take the time to join another website.

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