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Monday, August 13, 2012

Planning on launching a website? Need to generate buzz for your brand while you are finalizing your options? Try Kickoff Labs , a service that allows the user to create a beautiful custom landing page plus access to social and email marketing tools.
This custom landing page can then direct your customers to your various social media sites, other websites, links and even a newsletter sign-up sheet. The best thing is that it can all be done in less than a minute, though customizing can take a little longer.

Creating a basic landing page is free and allows you to sign-up 50 people max to your newsletter. Paying customers , starting at $15 a month, get more options, like the ability to tweak SEO settings, add widgets, send email newsletters, and more.

All in all, Kickoff Labs is a great and affordable option to make your small business more professional.

Pros: Affordable options, easy to use beta interface, sleek designs. Also users are able to add a newsletter, Facebook, Twitter and a variety of other social media links.
Cons: Free page only allows you to do one thing....create a page with the Kickoff Labs logo splayed at the top.

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Written by Lovely

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