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Sunday, June 16, 2013

For me, finding the correct colors for a project can be hard. When choosing those colors for a design, alot of times, clients minds can go blank .Generally they will see an image and want  to use colors from the image .This is where a color generator is the perfect tool to use.
A color generator or color scheme selector is a tool for anyone in need of a color scheme. In most cases these online tools have the color codes attached and some offer extended features to help a designer build the perfect color scheme. There are alot of color generators out there, but I the following are a few that I like based on image uploads. There no order of favorites, just ones I prefer over the rest.

1. Big Huge Labs
  2. Color Palette Generator

 3. Degraeve
       (based on url, must have url of image . Cannot upload from computer)

4. Patorjk
     (based on url, must have url of image . Cannot upload from computer.
       Also, they allow you to choose your Hue variance, based on picture)

5. Photocopia
    (This is an extension of colorLovers, so you can log in with your colorLouvers login and save
     your  pics. You can use an url or load one of your Flikr pics  & choose your Hue variance, based
      on picture)

    (This is an extension of Kuler and Color Louvers as they also give you suggest the closest color
      palettes already made.  They also let you download the palettes for easy install instead of     
      copy/pasting the color codes)
7. Cool Hunter
     (This site is good, but I do not like that the picture is autmatically sized to thumbnail & they
       only give you 5 colors with no variations.)


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Written by Lovely

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