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Friday, August 16, 2013

This easy little D.I.Y is brought to you by  Steph at Modernparentsmessykids.

Paint your fan blades in primary ( red, yellow & blue) . You can add secondary and/or tertiary color  (a color made by mixing either one primary color with one secondary color....ex. yellow green, red orange, etc) depending on the number of blades) and they blend into a lovely rainbow when turned on!

  1. Remove the front of the fan. All fans have clips and/or snaps to open the fan.
  2. Some fans also have a screw front that you can remove the whole blades 
  3. Thoroughly clean your fan before you paint it. Clean off any dust or particals and let dry.
  4.  Use a foam brush to paint the color on your blades. You can remove blades or paint them while attached to the fan.
  5. Make sure to thoroughly dry your fan before you turn it on.

Please note that at faster speeds it may looked a little brown  because the primary colors mixed create brown. It looks much prettier at the lower speeds.

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