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Monday, March 3, 2014

Ever hear of Tackk? Tackk allows anyone, to create content that combines text, images, audio and video...think Pinterest with audio and video capabilities. You do not have to download anthing or even login if you don't want to, just point and click.

Tackk is great for businesses since it really is at it's base a flier that one may put up to advertise whatever content you want to get out, but on a digital scale. From business products and craft tutorials to recipes and announcements. Tackk also lets you share your creations with Facebook, Twitter,  Google+, LinkedIn, and ironically even Pinterest,

So how does Tackk work?

It’s simple! Go to Tackk to create your first board.  Click on "Create New" and a variety of options come for you based on the "intention" of your Tackk.  They range from a Blank Canvase ( pictured below) to food, events, for sale, house, blogpost, announcement and more. Then you can even add images, videos, links, and more! You can even content from your Instagram Account!

Tackk takes care of the design and gives you a simple, clean interface that you can customize, all you have to do is insert any media you would like to use, change the text, and more. You can use the sidebar panel on the right to change the text size, fonts, colors, and backgrounds . Use the gear menu to change each section of your  and use the big plus sign to add more items, such as headlines, text, photos, videos, maps, and links to other websites.

 Don’t forget to visit the Tackkboard for a alot of other ideas!

Pros: Easy to create one page "website", embed options, able to add video, instagram pics , find and follow people, tags or a combination of both, able to edit board at anytime and sleek design that is very easy to use.

Cons: Must create account to edit board or keep board over one week.
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