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Thursday, March 17, 2011

I can't live without photoshop ! Not just for my business, but for my life as well. I know that there are alot of people out there who either can't afford the ever rising price of Adobe Photoshop or who just dont have time nor patience to learn who to use it....Sometimes you need tools such as layers, filters, and other effects and apps such as Picnik and Picasa just don't cut it. So we've rounded up some PHOTO EDITOR ALTERNATIVES TO PHOTOSHOP that pack the punch of Photoshop's bells and whistles without the price. They are easy to use and each program has it's own pros and cons with some having a more "photoshop-like" look to their appearance.

Picnik: arguably the most popular web-based photo editor and now it’s now integrated with Flickr. We know we stated that "sometimes you need more than this program can offer" , but we would be remiss , if we didn't add this popular program to the list.
Pros: web based with new Flikr integration makes it easier to host and edit photos
Cons: sometimes they have problems with server overload which makes uploading pics longer

Photofiltre: is a downloaded app that is very reminicent of photoshop.This app eliminates layers and some user controls for certain tools but leaves plenty of tools for color, saturation, and effects.
Pros: has lots of tools for color, color correction and effects
Cons: missing layer tools and certain "advance settings" for tools for better control

Paint.Net: is a downloaded app that is very similar of photoshop.DON'T LET THE NAME FOOL YOU...THIS IS NOT THE "PAINT" PROGRAM THAT IS INSTALLED FREE WITH WINDOWS.
Pros: has tools for layers, curves and other "photoshop" similar goodies
Cons: multi step download process , lacks sophisticated color correction/alteration and selection tools

Aviary: is one of the newer sites on the block that combines illustrator like vector features with photoshop image editor features. Also has a cool "music editor" tool and just added a "HTML editor" as well that lets you edit pictures directly on your web site/blog.

: has multiple tools/effects on one site with easy "point and click" interface.
Cons: lacks the previews of many filters/effects on the site, so if you don't know what each tool does, it can be time consuming to "try it out"

Splashup: is a online web app that is one of the closes "knock off" of photoshop I have seen in appearance as well as tools.It has a sleek modern appearance that interfaces with flikr, picasa and facebook.
Pros: if Photoshop was a 10 then Splashup would be an 8
Cons: lacks curves, levels and several other lesser used photoshop tools.

Photoshop Express: is actually from Adobe and has finally gotten on the web app bandwagon. You do have to create an account to use the site, but if you want a "true" photoshop image editor without the price, this is the app for you.
Pros: has 2G of storage space with every account and able to share your albums like Flikr
Cons: lacks the ability to layer or manipulate images like photoshop.It also has even less tools than the pared down "photoshop elements"

flauntR: is a online web app that is sectioned by image use. From a section to create online profile pictures for your blog or social media account to a section that has dozens of fancy fonts and effects for all sorts of photos and backgrounds .One of the more interesting sections is the one that can instantly bring the essence of world famous paintings onto your photos in one click.

: has an abundance of image tools, something for everyone and easy "point click" usage
Cons: is more about "photo manipulation" and less about "photo editing"...if you want your photo to have different effects (painting, mosaic, puzzle or backgrounds) then this is the app to use.
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Written by Lovely

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