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Saturday, August 15, 2009

Even though this is a paper goods blog, we appreciate all forms of crafty goodnes, so I decided one day to make my own lollipops after being inspired by an episode of "Paula Dean's Homecooking".After trolling the net to get the recipe I came across these little pieces of goodness on a stick courtesy of the genius minds at Luxirare.
Who knew that you could put pie on a stick? AND WHY AM I JUST HEARING ABOUT THIS NOW? I couldn't wait to try these delicious lollipop size pies....

These Pie Pops only require a couple of ingredients.
  • Pie Crust (You can make your own , but I suggest buying premade in grocer freezer)
  • Filling
  • Lollipop Sticks (Your local Cake Supply Store, Michaels or Buy Online)
Now the people at Luxirare made thier own filling from scratch (not that hard, just cornstarch to thicken, sugar and berry of choice). But I am not that crafty when it comes to paper is another thing, but cooking no!. I used the pie filling (apple) that you get in the grocery store in the baking isle. They usually have several varieties from the standard Cherry and Apple as well as Blue Berry or Raspberry. The good thing about these pops are that they do not need that much filling (I found out the hard way when I overstuffed the first batch, the apple goodness got me overly excited), so one can of filling can make alot.

The next one that I am going to try is Pumpkin or Sweet Potato...just going to use the can Pumpkin and follow the recipe on the back for Pumpkin Pie Filling.
I think I may even go a little out there and do a savory version, much like an empanada or samosa, but I am getting ahead of myself! Don't forget to try out different shapes when using the cookie cutters. Maybe pumpkin shapes for Halloween or bunny's at Easter.

photos courtesy of Luxirare & Bakarella
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