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Friday, September 4, 2009

Most people have dreams of becoming rich off of Ebay or "Quitting their day job" off of Etsy, but the reality, though that dream is achievable it will take alot of hard work and sacrifice to come true, as well as a place to sell your items. So you believe that you have a great product and want to get it out, now what are some of the venues to sell your "crafty goodness"? Below are a couple of sites that a seller can set up a store for there items. Since most everyone of the planet is familiar with Ebay , "the mass market seller site" and Etsy, "the handmade & vintage site" those are not included on the list. These are alternative or additional ( depending on how you look at it) seller sites.

{Seller Sites}

  • 1000 Markets-free to open and list Commission upon sale is 5.5% + 50 cents. This is a juried site

  • ArtFire-considered the etsy alternative since very similar to etsy in shop setup and site. Two shop levels, free and verified. Free has up to 12 listing and verified has unlimited listing with no fees, but it costs per month

  • ArtseFest-three price tiers, lowest price is $14/mo..

  • Big Cartel-three levels of membership, gold(free),platinum($10), diamond($20). build your own shop and up to 5 listing for free gold membership

  • Buy Sell Community-very similar to craigslist of other classified ad placement site.

  • Coriandr-free shop with 20p listing fee plus 2.5% commission on sales. It is Paypal compatible but there is no credit card on file to be a seller.

  • Crafter's Buzz-very similar to other classified ad placement site. bonus of having craft fair info on every state in continental usa

  • DaWanda-much like etsy in structure, but has No cost to list or setup, 5% commission of sale price

  • Ecrater-There is no final value fee or commission, also no listing fee and paypal compatible

  • Ehive-for the United Kingdom. free to list

  • Elsewares-really about the independent artist. pre-screening process and not really a shop set up, just pics and list of designers names

  • Erayo- wholesale marketplace for jewelry/accessories and fashion. pre-screening process , must contact and submit 5 images

  • Girl Shop Spot- more for paid advertising, but can set up shop there. membership is free

  • Go Zabo-juried site, create online gallery for free. Really caters to art/print media

  • Handmade Catalog-$4.95/mo or $40/yr for basic membership and up.5-15% commission on sales

  • Hyena Cart-specifically for earth friendly shops.$10 setup fee then $5/mo after than

  • Icraft-For Canadian Sellers, $25 registration fee, free monthly fee (5 item limit ) to $15 (150 item limit )20 cents each additional listing). There is pre-screening process.

  • Imagekind- A part of the cafepress community, geared towards art sellers. fast shop set up, monthly fee, no inventory to worry about and you can set your own markup

  • Lovli-it is free to list, with 3.5% commission on sales

  • Seeking Designers- for fashion and to join, really about promotion & new things in market than selling.can submit your product for free but company will decide if they want to put on website

  • Shop Handmade-free listings (paid for by sponsors linked in your listing - or pay 25 cents), set your own commission (determines rewards and exposure)

  • Silk Fair-free listing, 3% commission on sales, (not just handmade)

  • Supermarket-strict pre screening process, alot of applicants so may have to contact again

  • U Shops-free listing, core based on linking to shop

  • Wink Elf-basic listing is free,unlimited listings with 2.5% sales commission, listing upgrades optional(highest fee $.25). featured store $5.00/month, or $50.00/year

  • Zibbet-free basic account with up to 25 listings. No Listing/Sales/Final Value Fees. Upgrade to premium accoutn at $7 /mo
*pls note that prices and info/polices are subject to change to please check site for cost/policy*

There are positives and negatives to every site and as with any online venue, its all about traffic. You can have the greatest product and shop in the world, but if no one sees you or knows where you are, then it doesn't matter. I suggest before committing to anything and taking the time to set up your shop in any of these venues, to really do your research. Some of these sites get more traffic than others and some of them are easier to setup and sell than others. Yes, one may be cheaper with lower or no fees , low commission and ease of use, but if it is not getting alot of traffic then what is the point?
No matter what site you are on , the key is to promote off the site, get the word out there about your product!

If you know of any other sites of venues, share it with us!
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Written by Lovely

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