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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

In case you didn't already know, crafters and non-crafters alike are obsessed with Washi Tape . This decorative masking tape from Japan has really evolved in design with its growing popularity. There was a time when only a few online retailers had it available  for US buyers, but now , with the influx of alot of other retailers ( and Ebay, lol), the selection of patterns and colors is outstanding . So much so that you will rarely find the same patterns being sold by different retailers.

The following are a few great ideas for using Washi Tape

1.Washi Tape Flag Banner (instructions here or video)

2.Washi Tape Key Board: ( here)
Please thoroughly cleaned the keyboard with rubbing alcohol to remove any dirt or oil that might keep the tape from sticking. Create a template from cardboard to more easily cut the length of tape needed for each key. Snip off the corners to keep them from snagging and peeling off the keys. ( you can easily stick and restick in case you don’t get the placement perfect each time)

 3.Washi Twisty Ties (instructions here)

4.Washi Clothes Pins (instructions here)

5.Washi Magnets (instructions here)

6.Washi Tags (instructions here)

7.Washi Blinds  ( just start tapping)

8.Make your own Washi Tap (instructions here)

9.Organize with Washi: power cords, planters, clips and your appointment book

10.Washi Mani/Pedi

 11.Washi Tape Wall Art (here)

12.Washi Tape Puzzle (instructions here)


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Written by Lovely

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